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Aluminium Alloy Ingots

Aluminium Alloy Ingots: By high elasticity, ingots are broadly used in automotive industries for making various kind of components.

Aluminium Ingots

Aluminium Ingots generally used as a part of various industries to manufacture aluminuium alloy products,Aluminium Wires, Aluminium components..

Aluminium Powder

Consequently Aluminum Powder is used in explosives, both in peaceful and also military applications. Aluminum powder combined with oxygen is used in rocket launching. Other uses include hot-tops in the steel and iron foundry industry, de-oxidizing of steel and production of aluminum chemicals.

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Taint Tabor




Tough Tabor

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CCR Copper Rods

CCR Copper Rods

CCR Copper Rods

Copper Divison - Trade Prodcuts

Copper Scrap

Copper Scrap

Talk Scrap

Talk Scrap

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