“Spectro-Amtek” German based technology (Seperately for Aluminium Division and Copper Division)

Tilting furnaces

Tilting furnaces are types of industrial furnaces used in metal smelting and casting processes.

Rotary furnaces

Rotary furnaces are industrial furnaces used for various high-temperature processes such as melting, calcination, and thermal treatment of materials.

Copper shredded machine

Copper shredder machines are utilized in the copper recycling process to break down scrap copper materials into smaller pieces, facilitating efficient processing and extraction of valuable copper for reuse in manufacturing processes.

Pollution Control Equipments

Pollution control equipment refers to devices or systems designed to mitigate or eliminate pollutants generated by industrial processes, vehicles, or other sources before they are released into the environment.

Copper Furnace

Copper furnaces typically operate at high temperatures to melt copper scrap, ores, or other raw materials containing copper. Once melted, the copper can be cast into molds to form ingots, billets, or other shapes for further processing or fabrication.

Continous Casting Rolling mill

A Continuous Casting Rolling Mill is a type of industrial facility used in the production of metal products, particularly long products like rods, bars, and sections. This integrated facility combines continuous casting and rolling processes to efficiently produce finished metal products directly from molten metal.

Aluminium Powder Machine

An "Aluminium Powder Machine" is a piece of equipment used in the production of aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is a fine granular powder typically used in industries such as metallurgy, aerospace, and pyrotechnics.